How Do We Deliver Our Service?

After we agree on the scope and timing of services, we will put together a timeline for meeting with your student. The meetings are a mix of web or phone conferences and 1-on-1 in-person meetings. Throughout the scope of our engagement, we are available for additional phone discussions and email correspondence.

What Difference Does an Educational Consultant Make?

Through our services, our students achieve the following:

  1. Clients experience less stress while going through the college admission process because an expert is advising all along the way.
  2. The consultant has first-hand experience with the admissions process and offers advice and guidance based on what colleges will be looking for.
  3. A personalized plan, unique to the student’s needs, is created and executed in a way that empowers the student while keeping them on track.

Here’s Why We Are in The College Consulting Business…

  1. We thoroughly enjoy helping kids get into their top schools through a process requiring self improvement.
  2. We are passionate about advocating for parents and their kids in the college process.
  3. We challenge and empower kids to actively participate in their largest life decision to-date.
  4. We too are parents, and take a genuine interest in each family we serve.

This process of using our strengths to serve others is the reason we get out of bed each morning. If there is any way we can help you, please let us know.

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